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WDRVM for Renewable Energies and Heavy Industries is the one and only supplier in MENA who is specialized in manufacturing, installing and servicing wind turbines. as the first and only Arab manufacturer in the region capable of producing wind turbines.

Over more than five decades, WDRVM has focused on harnessing the resources to provide the cleanest energy to serve our country and the middle east using the best technologies and knowledge, with the aim to make the best use of green energy.

The dedicated team is continuously looking for ways to optimise products and work collaboratively with customers in order to reduce the levelised cost of energy.

WDRVM is based in Homs and has a network of service centers across the country.

29-12-2019 – 11.00 pm

Internationally ranked 12th, a Syrian factory with local expertise installed the first wind turbine that generates more than 500 MW in less than a month.

A Syrian family who never accepted the common saying that capital should be fled out in war times, and who believed in the inevitability of Syrian victory, based on the saying (when the war starts, build plants), they faced all the difficulties with determination and perseverance, performing the factory expansion in 2013 and speeding up the work pace to be a milestone in the world and another point of distinction for Syria, which proved that the Syrian people deserve victory, life and excellence.

14-11-2019 – 12.30 pm

Proudly .. Made in Syria

The official video of the first Wind Turbine for generating clean energy in the Middle East and North Africa made by Syrian hands at WDRVM.

The video includes all the stages of manufacturing, transportation, installation and operation.

31-08-2019 – 12.30 pm
Proudly Syrian – The Syrian flag over the first Arab made wind turbine.
One of our board members has proudly raised our beloved Syrian flag on top of the first 2.5 MW wind turbine in the Middle East & North Africa manufactured by Syrian hands. this turbine is the first of its kind in MENA

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The First Wind turbine in the Middle East, North Africa, and the Gulf, proudly produced by Syrians at WDRVM